WE LOVE NIC CAGE film series

WE LOVE NIC CAGE film series


“To be a good actor you have to be something like a criminal, to be willing to break the rules to strive for something new.”
        - Sir Nicolas Cage

There are none that compare to the great Nic Cage. The man has a range that goes from tear-jerking to laugh-out loud, from mind-bending to mental instability, from silently subtle to the hamiest of ham. He is an actor, an artist, a meme, a genius, but above all else, an entertainer. We are thrilled to present our next Ritz Film Series, WE ❤ NIC CAGE, screening from Sept 2-Oct 9.

With an IMDb that sports 98 acting credits, with another 10 in development, putting together a Nic Cage film series is a very daunting task, and we hope with all our hearts that this one is a roaring success so we can put on many, many more. So here is a selection of but a few masterpieces from the extensive Nic Cage catalogue, including some rare 35mm prints dug up from the archive of 90s action gold, as well as a Ritz premiere of his brand new, fever-dream spectalcular MANDY, and a finale of our programmer’s fave, the Coen Bros legendary RAISING ARIZONA, and we hope this satisfies the hungriest Cage fans.

So, Baby-O, it's not exactly mai-tai’s and yatzee out here but... let's do it!

Members: $12 each
Non-Members: $15 each

CON AIR in original 35mm - Sun 2nd Sep, 4.45pm + Tues 4th Sep, 8.30pm

FACE OFF in original 35mm – Sun 9th Sep, 5pm + Tues 11th Sep, 8.30pm

GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS in original 35mm - Sun 16th Sep, 5.30pm + Tues 18th Sep, 8.30pm

THE ROCK in original 35mm – Sun 23rd Sep, 5pm + Tue 25th Sep, 8.30pm

MANDY – NEW RELEASE FILM – Sat 29th Sep, 8.30pm + Mon 1st Oct, 5pm

RAISING ARIZONA in restored 2K digital – Sun 7th Oct, 5pm + Tue 9th Oct, 8.30pm