SINGIN' IN THE RAIN 2K restoration

SINGIN IN THE RAIN 2K restoration

SINGIN IN THE RAIN 2K Digital Restoration

SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN is considered by many to be the greatest Hollywood musical ever made, it is also a classic film about cinema itself. Set during the early days of sound pictures, it traces the seismic transition from silence to speech, as a matinee idol (played by the wonderful Gene Kelly who also directs) and his partner (Donald O'Connor) search for a co-star. As chorus girl Debbie Reynolds enters the fray, a brilliant all-singing, all-dancing spectacle ensues. SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN has been beautifully restored in digital 2K and we are very excited to present on our big screen for two shows only.

Sunday 9th December, 2.30pm
Wednesday 12th December, 10.30am

Members: $8
Non-Members: $10