Radical Reels Tour 2018

Radical Reels Tour 2018

Radical Reels 2018

A collection of short action-packed films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.  The Radical Reels Tour shows an entirely different set of films to those screened at the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in May.

Designed to take you into the wilds and out of your comfort zone, the films feature daring footage or some of the most accomplished climbers, paddlers, explorers, skiers, adventurers and mountain-bike riders alive today.

Each action-packed short has been hand-picked from more than 300 entries to the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival.  The original and the best mountain film festival.

The Radical Reels Tour offers up a second serving of award-winning adventurous films of the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  This year, the Australian line-up showcases two-and-a-half hours of short adventure films packed full of action.  Filled with wild rides, long lines, steep jumps and skillful stunts, the films celebrate the camaraderie, courage and conviction of today's most out-there adventurers.

Captivating cinematography, complete with stunning vistas shot from unbelievable vantage points, pays homage to the wild and rugged playgrounds today's thrill-seekers explore with their mountain bikes, paddles, ropes, skis and kayaks in tow.

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Seating is not allocated.  Come early for the best seats.

For more details visit www.radicalreels.com.au


7pm, Wednesday 14 November
Adults: $30.50
Children (15yrs and under): $20.50
Groups of 15 or more: $25.50. Please contact functions@ritzcinema.com.au to book