Directors Series – We Love PT Anderson

Directors Series – We Love PT Anderson

Directors Series – We Love PT Anderson

Introducing The Ritz Director Series. Where we pick the best Directors in the world and showcase their masterpieces on the big screen!

Get to see what we enjoy from genius Directors – a wide variety of movies showing a range of inventive stories and colourful characters that are beautifully connected through the Directors signature styles and trademark techniques. Whether you are reliving your favourite films or experiencing them for the first time, you will love these world class directed pieces of cinematic history.

We are ecstatic to be kicking off The Ritz Director Series with our most loved Director – Paul Thomas Anderson!

Join us as we delve into the world of PT Andersons’ many unforgettable characters and mesmerising scenes. PT Anderson has truly established himself as one of the greatest American Directors in history. The only Director to receive the Best Director award at Cannes, Venice and Berlin. He has six Oscar nominations to his name and his films have accrued 14 additional nominations!

With his flawless track record you are certain to once again fall in love with these sensational pieces of art.

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