Cinema Reborn: The Nun (4k)

The great Jacques Rivette adapts Denis Diderot’s controversial 1760 tale of a nun (played by Anna Karina) forced into convent life and facing beatings, starvation, sexual harassment and attempted rape.

Screened at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival, it was subsequently charged with “anti-clericalism” and banned from distribution in France for two years.

“…an eerie theatricality and mystery, as it dramatises the nature of freedom….” (The Guardian)

Release DateSunday, 5 May 2019
RatingE15+ (Unclassified 15+)
Running Time2hr 15m
StarringAnna KARINA (Suzanne), Liselotte PULVER (Mme De Chelles), Micheline PRESLE (Mme de Moni), Francisco RABAL (Dom Morel), Francine BERGÉ (Soeur Sainte-Christine).
Directed byJacques Rivette
LanguageFrench (subtitled)