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CHIFF19: Old Boys

“This charmingly oddball rom-com exists somewhere between ‘If....‘ and ‘Rushmore’ in the canon of schoolboy eccentricity.” — Timeout

'Survival of the fittest' is the philosophy at all boys boarding school Caldermount. If you’re not a champion on the sports field, you’re a nobody. No one knows this better than bookworm Amberson, who’s been at the bottom of the school’s social ladder since he can remember.
Amberson may be awkward at sports, but his imagination comes to the fore when he helps the handsome school hero pursue Agnes, the daughter of the visiting French teacher, despite being enamoured with her himself. Will Amberson have the courage to reveal himself to her and stand up for who he really is?
A fresh and vibrant comedy, Old Boys is a modern twist on the timeless story of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Release DateFriday, 24 May 2019
RatingE (Themes of relationships, schoolyard violence. Recommended age: 13+)
Running Time1hr 36m
Directed byToby MacDonald
CountryUK, Sweden
GenreComing-of-age , Kids