CHIFF19: Monky

A small ape with a big secret.

One day, eleven-year-old Frank finds a real live monkey in his family’s backyard. The monkey‘s name is Monky and her arrival is the beginning of a fun and exciting adventure for the entire family. However, it does not take long before the family realise that she is no ordinary monkey, and it was no coincidence that she showed up in their backyard. Who is Monky? Where does she come from? Will they be able to keep her a secret in the village?
A thrilling journey leads the family from Sweden to the deepest jungles of Thailand in search of answers.

Release DateFriday, 24 May 2019
RatingE (Themes of grief and death. Recommended age 7+)
Running Time1hr 30m
Directed byMaria Blom
LanguageSwedish (English subtitles) (subtitled)