Ticket Prices

2D Ticket Prices  3D Ticket Prices
Adult: $16.00 Adult: $17.00
Concession/Student: $14.00 Concession/Student: $15.00
Child (ages 0-15):$12.00Child (ages 0-15):$13.00
Senior (ages 60+): $10.00 Senior (ages 60+): $11.00
Super Tuesday: $10.00 Super Tuesday: $11.00
  • Concession & Senior tickets require ID for authentication.
  • 3D glasses are $1 each and are re-usable. We encourage you to keep your glasses for re-use after you see a 3D film.
  • Ritz Savers are valid for 2D sessions only, but can be upgraded for $2.00 per voucher at the ticket box.
  • Super Tuesday prices do not apply on Public Holidays which fall on a Tuesday.
Ritz Royalty 2D Ticket Prices Ritz Royalty 3D Ticket Prices
Adult: $14.00 Adult: $15.00
Concession: $12.00 Concession/Student: $13.00
Senior: $8.00 Senior: $9.00
Super Tuesday:
$8.00Super Tuesday:$8.00